17 Inch Snake Bite Mossy Oak Snake Boots


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Adventuring in the outdoors can be dangerous. You need men's footwear that can protect you from hazards like snake bites, accidental falls, wetness, and sore feet. That's right - we said snake bites. These ~Thorogood 17 Inch Snake Bite 864 4067 Mossy Oak Snake Boots are perfect for outdoor wear because they can protect you from the aforementioned hazards, and they’re durable, too.

These men's side zip boots are super comfortable. The camouflage footwear features a removable dual-density polyurethane footbed and an ethylene vinyl acetate polyurethane cushioned midsole. The dual-density PU footbed offers not one but two levels of lightweight support. Beneath the footbed found in these waterproof Thorogood boots, there's an EVA PU midsole. It offers even more support than the footbed alone, which means it can help prevent foot soreness and exhaustion.

Aside from comfort, these men's Scotchguard boots are well-made. You can trust that the cushioned 17-inch boots will last, thanks to being made with cement construction. It bonds together the separate parts of the design, leaving you with a dependable Mossy Oak boot that won't fall apart after a few strenuous uses. Plus, though the name cement construction implies heaviness, it is not. In addition to the cement construction, this men's Thorogood footwear is made with a rubber Z-Track outsole and a 17-inch upper crafted from resilient Snakeguard extreme material.

Along the lines of the Snakeguard upper and Z-Track outsole, these men's waterproof boots are capable of protecting you from a few hazards. As the name implies, the Snakeguard upper prevents snakes from harming you with their bites. Meanwhile, the Z-Track outsole offers increased traction on slick surfaces. The 17-inch snake bite boots are made with a slip-resistant sole that will prevent you from falling and potentially hurting yourself while you're venturing outdoors.

For additional protection, these men's slip-resistant boots are made with 3M Scotchguard Protection and X-Stream waterproof technology. The 3M Scotchguard protection prevents liquids, including oil, from soiling and staining the cushioned design while the X-Stream waterproof technology prevents said liquid from breaking through the Snakeguard work boots and ruining your dry, fresh comfort.

Get these Thorogood 17 Inch Snake Bite 864 4067 Mossy Oak Snake Boots here at Working Person’s Store today for all of your outdoor footwear needs.

Manufactured Sizes: M: 8-12, 13, 14 | W: 8-12, 13, 14

Detailed Product Specifications

Removable Footbed-Yes
Slip Resistant-Yes
Sole Construction-Cement (Flexible)
Sole Material-Rubber
Toe Bumper-Yes
Toe Type-General Toe (Not Safety)
Waterproof-Guaranteed Waterproof- Membrane
Oil Resistant-Yes
Style-Pull On

Additional Product Features

  • Removable Footbed
  • Zipper
  • Slip Resistant
  • Toe Bumper
  • Oil Resistant

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